We offer pet lab tests in your home or
we mail you collection kits you send back to us


How Affordable Pet Labs In-Home Sample Collection Works

1. Check your location - we're rapidly expanding our service areas, so if we're not in your area yet, be sure to invite us to your hometown! 

We're currently serving:
Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona
Denver and Fort Collins, Colorado
Austin and Dallas, Texas
Toledo, Ohio
Tampa and Clearwater, Florida
Indianapolis, Indiana
Atlanta, Georgia

2. Select your test - once you determine we're available in your area, choose the test your pet needs. If you need help, click here

3. Checkout - you'll receive an invoice and follow up emails. 

4. We'll call to schedule our in-home visit - shortly after we receive your order, you'll be sent a brief pet info form to fill out and an Affordable Pet Labs Pet Care Provider will call to get additional health information about your pet, verify the tests you need, and schedule an appointment.

5. We arrive - you'll receive a few important emails from us on how to prepare your pet for our in-home blood testing. We'll also call you before the appointment to make sure you and your pet are ready (and tell them we're bringing treats!). 

6. Receive results - you typically receive test results from the lab within 2 to 3 business days. You can share these results with your veterinarian and you'll always have a copy of your results. 

Need help choosing tests or have a question? Check out this page or drop us a line below!