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Home-Visit Dog Basic Health Check: Comprehensive In-Home Blood Assessment & Heartworm Test by Affordable Pet Labs

Home-Visit Dog Basic Health Check: Comprehensive In-Home Blood Assessment & Heartworm Test by Affordable Pet Labs

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Dog Basic Health Assessment Plus Heartworm Test by Affordable Pet Labs: Comprehensive At-Home Veterinary Health Profile

Affordable Pet Labs brings comprehensive health monitoring to your doorstep with our Dog Basic Health Assessment, now including a vital Heartworm Test. This enhanced package offers an at-home health assessment that mirrors the extensive general health profile conducted in a veterinarian's office, coupled with the convenience and comfort of your home environment.


Why Opt for the Enhanced Basic Health Assessment?

  • Inclusive Health Check: Alongside the Complete Blood Count (CBC) and Chemistry 16 (CHEM 16) panel, our assessment now incorporates a Heartworm Test. The CHEM 16 panel evaluates crucial health indicators such as liver function, kidney function, blood sugar levels, electrolytes, and more. This extensive testing ensures a thorough understanding of your dog's overall health and heartworm disease status.

  • Quick and Comprehensive Results: Once our lab receives the sample, results are available within 48-72 hours. This prompt feedback includes a detailed health profile and heartworm test results, enabling timely interventions if necessary.

  • Stress-Free for Pets and Owners: Our service eliminates the need for stressful vet visits. Our skilled technicians conduct the blood draw in the familiarity of your home, ensuring a comfortable experience for your dog.

  • Preventative Health Care: Early detection of common health issues and heartworm disease can lead to more effective and cost-efficient treatments, promoting a longer, healthier life for your dog.

How the Process Works:

  1. Simple Online Purchase: Choose the Basic Health Assessment Plus Heartworm Test from our selection.
  2. Convenient Scheduling: We'll contact you to arrange a visit for the in-home blood collection.
  3. Gentle and Efficient Collection: Our experienced team ensures a quick and gentle process.
  4. Detailed Health Report: Receive a comprehensive report on your dog's health and heartworm status within 48-72 hours post-sample receipt by the lab.

Enhance your dog's health monitoring with the Dog Basic Health Assessment Plus Heartworm Test from Affordable Pet Labs. This service not only matches the detailed health analysis you'd expect from a vet visit but also adds the convenience of home service. Check our availability in your area and ensure your dog's health is monitored with the utmost care and precision.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kathy Fisk

Excellent people

Brooklyn Kiren

I love APL for my rescue. It is so convenient, cheaper and quicker than going to a vet. And Dr. Joe always answers all of my questions and helps me order with ease without getting frustrated with me, especially with how much I text him! I also LOVE having the complete fecal kits on hand and the lab req forms. I can just order online, pay and send off. I love how easy it is and the lab techs are always on time, super nice, and professional/quick.

APL has taken my rescue, Jailbreak Husky Rescue, to a better level. I rescue better!