Basic Health Assessment - Dog

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Affordable Pet Labs Basic Health Assessment is the perfect way to understand your dog's health.

This comprehensive test includes common adult tests to identify hidden diseases and determine your dog's current health status.

Tests include liver and kidney function, blood sugar, electrolytes, and heartworm antigen test.

A FREE intestinal parasite exam (fecal tests) is included if you collect and provide a stool sample at the time of your appointment.

With results typically within 48 hours, you can have the same veterinarian-trusted lab tests at the comfort of your own home.

Give your dog the gift of a longer, healthier, and happier life with our Basic Health Assessment.

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Brooklyn Kiren

I love APL for my rescue. It is so convenient, cheaper and quicker than going to a vet. And Dr. Joe always answers all of my questions and helps me order with ease without getting frustrated with me, especially with how much I text him! I also LOVE having the complete fecal kits on hand and the lab req forms. I can just order online, pay and send off. I love how easy it is and the lab techs are always on time, super nice, and professional/quick.

APL has taken my rescue, Jailbreak Husky Rescue, to a better level. I rescue better!


Affordable Pet Labs is Veterinarian Owned.

All of our tests are performed in a licensed veterinary reference lab (perhaps one of the labs your regular veterinarian uses!).

Its Super Simple

What Happens Next For IN-HOME

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What Happens Next For Collection Kits

Its Super Simple

After you purchase a diagnostic test here is what you can expect for Collection Diagnostic Tests Kit.

1. Purchase A Kit 2. We Ship You A Collection Kit 3. You Collect The Sample 4. Easily Ship It Back To Us 5. We Send You The Results