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Desert Dog Panel - Valley Fever, Tick Disease, CBC/Chemistries/Heartworm

Desert Dog Panel - Valley Fever, Tick Disease, CBC/Chemistries/Heartworm

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Keep Your Desert Dog Healthy with Our Comprehensive Disease Tracker Panel 🌵🐾

When it comes to man's best friend, health is a top priority—especially for dogs living in desert regions. Introducing the Desert Dog Disease Tracker, an all-in-one diagnostic panel specifically designed to keep tabs on common desert diseases while providing a complete blood health assessment. Available for shipping throughout the United States.

Check to see if we are in your area: CLICK HERE

🎯 What Does the Panel Cover?

  • Valley Fever: Includes IgG and IgM screening and titers. Note: Valley Fever titer results typically take 7-10 business days.

  • Tick Fever & Other Tick-Borne Illnesses: Screening for Anaplasmosis, Lyme, and Ehrlichiosis.

  • Heartworm Antigen: Critical for early detection of this dangerous parasite.

  • Total T4: Assess your dog's thyroid function.

  • CBC & CHEM 27: A complete blood count and 27-chemistry panel for a holistic view of your dog's health.

🌟 Why Choose Our Desert Dog Disease Tracker

  • Comprehensive: A wide range of tests rolled into one convenient package..

  • Vet-Trusted: Our tests are backed by veterinary professionals.

  • Home Convenience: With our in-home blood collection services, there's no need for a stressful vet visit. Check the availability in your area through our interactive map.

🛠️ How It Works

  1. Order Online: Select the Desert Dog Disease Tracker Panel. After the purchase our team reaches out to get your pet scheduled. 

  2. In-Home Collection: After the purchase our team reaches out to get your pet scheduled..

  3. Quick Analysis: Your samples are sent to our top-tier lab, where experts perform detailed tests.

  4. Receive Results: Results, providing you fast insights into your dog's health. (results can take up to 6-8 business days to be reported)

Don't let your desert dog go unchecked for the unique health challenges they face. Take control today with the Desert Dog Disease Tracker Panel. Order now for a healthier, happier canine companion. 🐶💕



Check to see if Affordable Pet Labs' convenient in-home blood collection services are available in your area with our easy-to-use map.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Akitsu kimoto
Great service

Really happy with the service

Tina Marino
Great customer service…and RESULTS!

The 2 gentlemen that came to draw my pups’ samples were professional, competent and on time. Will definitely be using their services more.

Nichole B
Best service

I was so impressed by the wonderful technicians that came to my house. They did impeccably well with my difficult rescue dog. They were professional and calm during the whole process. I appreciate the service coming to my home and the quick availability was great!

Excellent price and techs!

The price cannot be beat. My vet wanted $376 just for the Valley Fever titer. And the techs are so kinds. My dog was scared and bitey so the burritod him in towels and got his blood. Thank you to those vet techs!!!!

Darin Ries
Super quick and easy

Everyone knows how long it takes to get an appointment with a Vet and then the cost of getting blood work done. We were informed of Affordable Pet Labs from our in home vet. So easy to complete. You do everything on line and then once you have paid for the type of service you need you get a phone call to set up an appointment. We were able to get the lab work done in a matter of days and had the results in less than a week. This was even over a holiday. Affordable Pet Labs is awesome! Thank you so much! Nala says hi and thanks for being so nice to her!