Desert Dog Panel - Valley Fever, Tick Disease, CBC/Chemistries/Heartworm

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Because desert dogs are special.

Dogs lucky enough to live in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah enjoy gorgeous sunsets, long hikes, and year round sunshine. Unfortunately, these ideal conditions are also perfect breeding grounds for several infectious organisms and ticks that can cause serious diseases in humans and dogs. To make sure your trail hound stays healthy, we created our special Desert Dog Disease Tracker diagnostic blood test panel.

Tests to detect common desert diseases including Valley Fever and Tick-borne illnesses.  

The Desert Dog Profile includes a complete health assessment blood panel along with Valley Fever and tick-borne diseases Anaplasma, Lyme, and Ehrlichia. 

Same veterinarian-trusted lab tests.

  • Valley fever (coccidioidomycosis or Coccidioides immitis)
    • IgG and IgM screening tests and titers

  • Tick-borne diseases
    • Anaplasmosis (Anaplasma phagocytophilum)
    • Lyme disease (Borrelia burgdorferi)
    • Ehrlichiosis (Ehrlichia canis)

  • Heartworm Antigen Test

  • Blood chemistries
    • Kidney function (BUN, Creatinine)
    • Liver function (ALP, ALT, AST, GGT, Bilirubin)
    • Thyroid hormone (T4)
    • Blood sugar (Glucose)
    • Pancreas (Amylase, Lipase)
    • Electrolytes and Fluid Balance (Sodium, Potassium, Carbon Dioxide, Chloride, Anion Gap, Carbon Dioxide)
    • Proteins (Albumin, Globulin, Total Protein)
    • Calcium, Phosphorus
    • Cholesterol, Triglycerides

  • CBC (Complete blood cell count)
    • Hemogram (RBC, Hematocrit, Hemoglobin, RBC morphology)
    • White Blood Cells (WBC % and Counts, Neutrophils, Lymphocytes, Monocytes, Eosinophils, Basophils)
    • Platelets, Reticulocytes

    • Intestinal Parasite Exam (Fecal tests) - FREE if you collect and provide at the time of your appointment. All we need is a grape-sized sample in a plastic bag or other sealed container!

      • All Samples Reviewed by a Veterinary Lab Technician and then a Veterinary Pathologist if Abnormal Findings
    Most test panel results within 48 hours. Valley Fever titer results within 7-10 business days. 

    Health information is health power.

    Customer Reviews

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    Kimberly C.

    Very thing was fantastic. Staff, Cost effective, prompt service and timely reports. Butler was very relaxed during the procedure. Thank you Jessica!

    Kim C
    Tucson, AZ

    Affordable Pet Labs: Affordable & Professional

    This is my second time getting a blood draw for my Bailey through Affordable Pet Labs. I am very impressed with their professionalism, communication and making Bailey and I feel very attended to. The vet techs that came both times were skilled AND patient with my dog who is very anxious. Would HIGHLY recommend! :)

    Lily Sanchez
    Great service and price

    All the staff are very professional. They were on time and care about my dog. This was my 2nd time with them and I will be back. Thank you so much!!!!

    Beverly Kelly

    Awesome team showed up at my door on time. Kept my dogs anxiety in mind as they completed the blood draw. They were very professional and answered all my questions and the price was right for getting bloodwork completed from home without my dog having to make a trip to the vets office. Win Win for all.


    Affordable Pet Labs is Veterinarian Owned.

    All of our tests are performed in a licensed veterinary reference lab (perhaps one of the labs your regular veterinarian uses!).

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