Easy and Affordable
Lab Work for Pets
In Your Home

We are an experienced team of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and pet lovers dedicated to making lab testing stress-free, convenient and more affordable.

We come to your home
for lab tests

Our Pet Care Providers visit your dog or cat where they are most comfortable: At home.

Currently serving:
Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona
Denver and Fort Collins, Colorado
Austin, Texas
Toledo, Ohio
Tampa and Clearwater, Florida

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We offer pet urine and fecal lab test kits you send to us

A variety of home test kits including kidney and bladder function, intestinal parasites, and more that we mail,
you collect your pet's samples and return to us. Results in a few days!

Available in mainland US.

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Health and Wellness
Disease Monitoring

Our veterinarians have created customized test panels to detect and monitor the most common dog and cat diseases, including Valley Fever, kidney, thyroid, diabetes, long-term medications including arthritis, heart, and pain-relievers, seizure and thyroid, and more.

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We help your pet avoid the stress of vet visits while saving you time and money.

You receive all your test results so you're in charge of your pet's health data.

Compare with your vet's Senior, Annual, or Wellness Blood Test Panels.

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30 to 50%

Savings from Average Vet Lab Fees


Tests to Choose
In-Home or Mail-In


Happy Pets!
Happy Pet Parents!


Founded Company

Same labs. Same tests.
Less cost. No stress.

We use approved veterinary diagnostic laboratories for all tests.
You'll receive typical test results
within a few days.
Your pet. Your data.

Choose your tests!

Wags and Purrs for Affordable Pet Labs!

"It was easy to schedule and the two vet techs who came out were right on time, friendly (my dog really liked them), and quick. The results were emailed in the timeframe promised.
I will use them again!"
Sarah L.

"A very much needed service.
They provide all the tests and bloodwork needed at a
fraction of the cost."

"What a great experience! We were able to go to the vet with our lab results in hand, and we even had an idea upfront as to what was wrong with our cat. Plus, I’m sure we saved at least $100 over having this done through the vet.
Thank you for excellent service!"
Laura B.

"I have used this service three or four times now and each experience was wonderful. The vet techs are also very friendly and compassionate and they obviously that they love animals.
I would recommend this service to anyone."
Michael C.

Choose your tests!