Tests you collect and send to us

Step 1: Choose test

Choose from a variety of tests - including fecal, urine, genetic options, and many more- to best fit your pet's needs. And if you don't see what you're looking for, give us a online chat or email us at info@affordablepetlabs.com

Step 2: Checkout

Checkout and receive a follow-up emails to fill out your pets information

Step 3: Recieve kit

We'll send you a collection kit with all the necessary instructions, materials, and return shipping label.

Step 4: Collect Sample

Easily collect your pet's samples and return them in the provided shipping container

Step 5: Recieve results

Your pet's test results will be emailed to you from our email address, labreports@affordablepetlabs.com. We recommend that you share these results with your veterinarian for their expert analysis and advice on how to move forward with your pet's health.