Total Fecal Tests Plus Giardia - Dog

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Your pet’s poop provides valuable health information.

According to data compiled by the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC), nearly 1.4 million dogs and cats tested positive for at least one intestinal parasite in 2020.1 Hookworms, roundworms, and Giardia can infect people, so regular testing of your pet’s feces every 6 to 12 months and monthly deworming is recommended.2  

We use the most accurate and recommended intestinal parasite test method, centrifugal flotation technique, for all assessments. This technique is the preferred procedure for uncovering hidden intestinal parasites and ova (eggs) in your pet’s feces.3  

Our Total Fecal Tests plus Giardia includes a cutting-edge ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) to detect Giardia infection. 

In addition, this fecal test panel includes a microscopic review by a laboratory expert.    

Same veterinarian-trusted lab tests at home.

Our Total Fecal Tests plus Giardia includes:

  • Intestinal Parasite and Ova Detection by Centrifugal Floatation 
    • Roundworms, Hookworms, Whipworms, Tapeworms, other helminths
    • Coccidia, Tritrichomonas foetus, other Protozoa
  • Giardia by ELISA test method
  • All samples microscopically reviewed by laboratory technician 


Health information is health power.

1 - CAPC Parasite Prevalence Maps

2 - CAPC Guidelines

3 - CAPC “Fecal Exam Procedures”

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Svenja Kopania

Total Fecal Tests Plus Giardia - Dog

William Johnson
Easy peasy...

Doing good so far! No results yet but the instructions were easy to follow. The kit was well stocked and complete and they got it to me in a hurry! I'm not expecting any problems but it would be nice to know!

Viviana Cordoba

Great Service!!! It was super easy and the representatives were so helpful!!! Thank you!

Angie Sims

Excellent service! So happy to have found it. Test sent quickly, detailed instructions on collecting and returning sample. Results emailed a few days after. Will definitely use again. Thanks!

Kelly Szymanski

Fast service and affordable lab tests! Customer service was the best and all of my questions were answered.


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