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Cat - Basic Fecal Tests

Cat - Basic Fecal Tests

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According to the Companion Animal Parasite Council, more than 1.4 million dogs and cats tested positive for at least one intestinal parasite in 2020, making regular testing more crucial than ever.

Your cat's health is important, and you might not even know if they are sick. Why take the risk? By conducting a simple test, you can ensure your cat's well-being. Put your cat's health first

Traditional testing at the vet can be costly. Our testing kits offer a more affordable option, with prices 30-60% lower than those at the vet

The process is fast and simple. We include everything you need in the kit. Just purchase it, receive it in the mail, collect a sample, and send it back to us using the prepaid shipping label we provide. You'll receive your results in no time!

Our test uses the most accurate method recommended by veterinarians, the centrifugal flotation technique, to uncover hidden intestinal parasites and ova (eggs) in your pet's feces.
In addition, our test includes a cutting-edge ELISA test method to detect Giardia infection, and all samples are microscopically reviewed by a laboratory expert.
No need to leave your home, get the same veterinarian-trusted lab tests right in the comfort of your own home. Trust us to keep your pet healthy and safe. Order now!
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