How it works

Tests you collect and send to us

Step 1: Choose test

Choose from a variety of tests - including fecal, urine, genetic options, and many more- to best fit your pet's needs. And if you don't see what you're looking for, give us a online chat or email us at

Step 2: Checkout

Checkout and receive a follow-up emails to fill out your pets information

Step 3: Recieve kit

We'll send you a collection kit with all the necessary instructions, materials, and return shipping label.

Step 4: Collect Sample

Easily collect your pet's samples and return them in the provided shipping container

Step 5: Recieve results

Your pet's test results will be emailed to you from our email address, We recommend that you share these results with your veterinarian for their expert analysis and advice on how to move forward with your pet's health.

Easy All Inclusive Home Collection Kits

Collection Kits That Include Everything You And Your Pet Needs.