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puppy breed

puppy breed

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Discover the Ultimate Blueprint of Your Dog's Health with Affordable Pet Labs' Comprehensive DNA Kit

A Pioneering DNA Test for Holistic Pet Wellness

Ever wish you could read your pet like an open book? With our groundbreaking DNA Kit, you'll come as close as technology allows. Uncover a treasure trove of information, from your dog's breed composition and genetic health risks to identifying their canine relatives and physical traits. With an incredible 210 health tests, you'll gain insights that empower you to offer the most personalized care possible.

Nationwide Convenience with At-Home Collection Kit

No more stressful trips to the vet! Our DNA Kit comes with a simple-to-use mouth swab test, designed for hassle-free at-home collection. The best part? We offer nationwide availability. You'll receive all the collection essentials in the kit, along with step-by-step instructions.

Featured Highlights of Our Comprehensive DNA Kit:

  • 350+ Breeds Identified: Dive deep into your pet's ancestry.
  • 210 Genetic Health Conditions: Screen for a multitude of health risks to take preventative action.
  • 35+ Physical Traits: Discover why your dog looks the way they do.
  • Find Your Dog's Relatives: Make family connections and enrich your pet's social life.
  • Discuss with a Vet: Receive expert insights based on your dog's genetic profile.
  • Extended Results Timeframe: Expect a detailed report within 2-3 weeks due to the extensive tests performed.

How it Works:

  1. Order Your DNA Kit: Select our comprehensive DNA Kit from our website. Once the order is placed, your kit will be dispatched promptly.
  2. Perform the Swab Test: Use the included mouth swab to collect your dog's DNA sample, following our detailed instructions.
  3. Mail It Back: Use the prepaid shipping label to send the sample back to our specialized labs.
  4. Discover and Consult: In 2-3 weeks, receive your dog's detailed DNA profile, empowering you to consult with a veterinarian about tailored healthcare plans.

Empower Yourself With Unmatched Knowledge About Your Pet's Wellness

Become your dog's ultimate advocate. With our Comprehensive DNA Kit, you will unlock the power of genetic science to provide unparalleled care and understanding for your canine companion. Elevate pet parenting to a whole new level with Affordable Pet Labs. 🐶🧬✅

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