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Premier Fecal Diagnostic Test For Dogs

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Stay Ahead of the Curve with Affordable Pet Labs and Antech Labs' KeyScreen™ GI Parasite PCR

The Next Level in Parasite Detection: Revolutionizing Your Dog's Gastrointestinal Health

Don't let your furry friend suffer from tummy troubles caused by gastrointestinal parasites. Through our partnership with Antech Labs, a leader in veterinary diagnostics, we're thrilled to offer the KeyScreen™ GI Parasite PCR — the ultimate poop test for dogs.

The Future of Parasite Testing: Detailed, Accurate, Fast

This cutting-edge test checks for 20 different tummy bugs that can bother your dog, including hookworms, roundworms, and Giardia. It's super smart at finding out if these bugs are getting tough against medicines, especially hookworms, and can even tell if Giardia could make humans sick too. Plus, we're about to add a new check for hookworms that laugh in the face of usual meds.

Available Everywhere: Your Dog Deserves the Best

No matter where you're located in the U.S., our service is here for you. We promise top-notch quality and convenience right to your doorstep.

Key Features of KeyScreen™ GI Parasite PCR:

  • Deep Dive Check: Spots 20 different tummy bugs for all-around care.
  • Medicine Toughness Markers: Identifies if hookworms are resisting common treatments.
  • Speedy Results: Our efficient system gets you a detailed report in just 4-5 days, so you can tackle the issue ASAP.

How it Works:

  1. Order Up: Pick the KeyScreen™ GI Parasite PCR test online, and we send you the complete collection kit.
  2. Easy Collection: Follow our simple guide to collect a poop sample from your dog, and mail it back with our pre-paid package.
  3. Expert Analysis: Our team of veterinarians and techs will carefully analyze the sample for precise detection and diagnosis.
  4. Quick Info: A comprehensive report lands in your inbox in 4-5 days, giving you the info you need to chat with your vet about the best treatment.

Your Dog's Tummy Health is Our Top Priority

Opting for KeyScreen™ GI Parasite PCR means you're choosing unparalleled detection and guidance in treating parasites. With Affordable Pet Labs, you're embracing the future of dog healthcare, ensuring your beloved pet stays healthy, happy, and safe. Let's keep those tails wagging with top pet wellness practices and save you up to 37% on diagnostic testing. Lead the way in pet health and wellness with us. 🐾🔬✅