We offer pet lab tests in your home or
we mail you collection kits you send back to us


1. Select your test - choose from a variety of fecal, urine, and genetic tests to screen and monitor for kidney and urinary diseases, parasites, and more! We're constantly expanding our selection of "Tests You Collect"! If you need help choosing a test, click here

2. Checkout - you'll receive an invoice and follow up emails.

3. We send you a collection kit - as soon as we receive your order, we'll ship out a sample collection kit with instructions, materials, and return shipping label.

4. Collect the samples and return - once you have your pet's urine or fecal samples, return them in the provided shipping container. Click here to learn how easy sample collection is!

5. Receive results - you typically receive test results from the lab within 2 to 3 business days after they receive your kit. You can share these results with your veterinarian and you'll always have a copy of your results. 

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