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Dog - Urine Cortisol: Creatinine Ratio

Dog - Urine Cortisol: Creatinine Ratio

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Introducing our Adrenal Function Test, the perfect solution for detecting Cushing's disease in your furry companion. This test evaluates your pet's urine cortisol/creatinine ratio, which is usually evaluated in animals suspected of having Cushing's disease.

The process is simple and non-invasive, all it involves is the collection of a single urine sample, taken first thing in the morning. The sample should be collected at your home to minimize the effects of stress due to a hospital visit. By collecting the first-morning sample, the average amount of cortisol that has been lost into the urine overnight can be assessed. The urine sample is then sent to a referral laboratory for analysis.

Don't wait for your next vet appointment to check on your pet's health. Order our Adrenal Function Test now and take control of your pet's health today. Trust us to provide you with accurate results and help you detect any potential issues early on, giving your furry companion the best chance for a longer, healthier, and happier life.

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