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Dog - Urine Cortisol: Creatinine Ratio

Dog - Urine Cortisol: Creatinine Ratio

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Introducing the Adrenal Function Test for Dogs: Your At-Home Solution for Early Detection of Cushing's Disease in Canines

Maintaining your dog's health shouldn't be confined to periodic vet visits. Affordable Pet Labs brings you the Adrenal Function Test, an at-home kit specially designed for the early and accurate detection of Cushing's disease in dogs. Plus, we offer shipping throughout the entire United States, making early detection easier and more convenient than ever.

Why Our Canine Adrenal Function Test Stands Out:

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Nationwide Shipping: Whether you're in New York or California, our vet-trusted lab tests can reach your doorstep, covering every corner of the U.S.

🐾 Simple and Stress-Free: The test requires just one urine sample, optimally collected first thing in the morning to evaluate overnight cortisol levels. Say goodbye to stressful hospital visits.

🌑️ Accurate Analysis: Our test focuses on measuring the cortisol/creatinine ratio in your dog's urine, a reliable method commonly used for early detection of Cushing's disease.

πŸ•’ Quick Turnaround: After sending the sample to our specialized referral laboratory, you can expect prompt, accurate results to discuss with your veterinarian for targeted treatment.

How It Works:

  1. Order Online: Select our Urine Cortisol Function Test kit for dogs online.
  2. Collect a Morning Sample: Use the provided guidelines to collect a morning urine sample from your dog.
  3. Mail It In: Utilize the pre-paid shipping label to send your sample to our referral lab for expert testing.
  4. Receive Results: Gain quick access to precise results, typically within 5 business days, and consult with your vet for any subsequent steps.

Take Proactive Measures for Your Dog's Health Today!

Don't let Cushing's disease affect your dog's quality of life. Our Urine Cortisol Function Test provides an effortless, stress-free way to monitor your canine companion's health, giving them the chance for a longer, happier life. Take control of your dog's well-being by ordering your kit today! πŸΎπŸ’•

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