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Home-Visit: Affordable Pet Labs Total Health Assessment Diagnostic Test For Cats

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Unlock Comprehensive Insights into Your Cat's Health with Affordable Pet Labs' Total Health Assessment

Elevate Your Cat's Well-Being: Premier Feline Health Analysis

Your beloved cat deserves unparalleled care. Our Total Health Assessment is the gold standard in preventative health, offering over 50 essential tests, including a Complete Blood Count (CBC), Comprehensive Chemistry Panel (Chem 27), and Thyroid (T4) levels. This broad spectrum of diagnostics provides a deep dive into your cat's health, setting a new benchmark for pet wellness.


Home Convenience with Veterinary Expertise: Certified Phlebotomy Service

Forget the stress of vet visits. Our certified veterinary phlebotomists bring the clinic to your living room, offering a stress-free experience for you and your cat. This unique service combines the comfort of home with professional veterinary care, ensuring your cat's health check is as calm as it is thorough.

Essential Health Insights Included:

  • Comprehensive Blood Cell Counts (CBC): A closer look at your cat's immune health, detecting early signs of infection or anemia.
  • Chemistry Panel (Chem 27): A vital assessment of liver, kidney, and pancreas function, alongside electrolytes and more, for a complete health picture.
  • Thyroid Function (T4): Essential for spotting thyroid issues early, maintaining your cat's metabolism and energy.

Seamless Process:

  1. Easy Online Ordering: Select the Total Health Assessment for your cat and check out online.
  2. Convenient Scheduling: Our team will reach out to arrange a home visit at a time that suits you.
  3. Stress-Free Sampling: A gentle and expert collection of samples, right in your home.
  4. Quick, Understandable Results: Your detailed report arrives in 2-3 business days, ready to share with your vet.

Prioritize Your Cat's Health for a Brighter Future

With Affordable Pet Labs, you're not just getting tests; you're embracing a proactive approach to pet wellness. Our Total Health Assessment is a powerful tool in your cat's health journey, offering peace of mind and actionable insights. By choosing our in-home service, you're ensuring your cat's health is monitored with the same precision and care as veterinary clinics offer, but with the convenience and comfort of home.

Why Choose Us?

  • Up to 37% Savings: Our direct-to-consumer model offers significant savings on diagnostic testing, making pet wellness both accessible and affordable.
  • Veterinarian-Created: Developed by veterinarians passionate about pet health, our tests are designed to offer comprehensive insights, empowering you with knowledge for early disease detection.
  • Trust and Reliability: We use the same diagnostic labs as local veterinarians, ensuring accuracy and reliability in every test.

Take the First Step Towards Comprehensive Pet Wellness

Check our easy-to-use map to see if in-home blood collection services are available in your area. Give your cat the gift of health and yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're on the forefront of pet wellness.