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Mail-In Ear Culture and Sensitivity Test- Dogs

Mail-In Ear Culture and Sensitivity Test- Dogs

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Ear Health Unleashed: Affordable Pet Labs' Ear Swab Examination Test for Dogs

The Perfect Remedy for Your Dog's Ear Troubles

Ear infections are not just uncomfortable; they're a clear signal that your furry friend is in distress. From constant scratching to unpleasant odors, the signs can be worrisome. Affordable Pet Labs' Ear Swab Examination Test for dogs is the ultimate solution for diagnosing and treating ear conditions with precision.

Convenient Collection Kit: Swab, Seal, Ship!

Our mail-in kit is exceptionally user-friendly, offering all the necessary tools for a quick ear swab. Swipe your dog's ear with the swab provided, seal it in the sterile container, and send it back to our lab using the pre-paid shipping label. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Nationwide Coverage: A Healthy Ear in Every State

We offer our Ear Swab Examination Test across the entire United States, ensuring that every dog—no matter the location—has the chance for a happy, healthy ear.

Key Features of Our Ear Swab Examination Test:

  • Detailed Analysis: Our culture and susceptibility test identifies whether bacteria, yeast, or mites are causing your dog's ear issues.
  • Tailored Treatment: The test results help your veterinarian select the most effective antimicrobial treatment for your dog's specific condition.
  • Prompt Results: Your dog's comfort is our priority. You can expect your results within 7-10 business days.

How It Works:

  1. Purchase the Kit: Select our Ear Swab Examination Test online, and we'll ship the complete collection kit straight to your doorstep.
  2. Quick Collection: Open the kit and follow the straightforward guidelines to collect a sample from your dog's ear.
  3. Return to Lab: Use the pre-paid shipping label to send the sample to our specialized lab for thorough examination.
  4. Consult & Take Action: After receiving the results, consult with your veterinarian for a targeted treatment plan to resolve your dog's ear infection.

Your Dog Deserves Ear Health, and You Deserve Peace of Mind

Why wait for your dog's symptoms to worsen? Take control of their ear health with Affordable Pet Labs' Ear Swab Examination Test. Order yours today, and grant your loyal companion the gift of lasting ear comfort. 🐶👂💙

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Customer Reviews

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lisa wade
Finally! Absolutely a Game changer!

Our dog was being treated for severe ear wax for over 6 months due to allergies & 4 vet visits over $300!
I was told about lab by a vet tech friend who recommended an ear culture b/c his ear was not getting better after 6 months of many many different medicines. I ordered test. It was easy to do & easy to send in. WHAT A GAME CHANGER! RESULTS REVEALED OUR BABIE HAD 2 SERIOUS BATCTERIA INFECTIONS. CONTAGIOUS EAR INFECTIONS. We rushed our dog to the E.R. where we promptly handed the vet & staff his labs. They done a cotton swab & confirmed not only the 2 bacteria infection but was positive for yeast as well. The lab results also shows what medicines will & will not treat the specific infection. Our dog along with the right diagnosis was feeling much better within days. Thanks to this test. Awesome company. Highly recommend.