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Mail-In Ear Culture and Sensitivity Test- Cats

Mail-In Ear Culture and Sensitivity Test- Cats

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Don't let your pet suffer in silence from ear infections.

Our mail-in Ear Swab Examination test is the solution you've been searching for.

Ear infections are a common and painful condition for cats, causing discomfort, redness, and offensive odor.

Our test uses a swab of the ear discharge to determine the cause of the infection, whether it's bacteria, yeast, or mites. Our culture and susceptibility test is the best way to determine the bacterial pathogens associated with the disease and guide the selection of the appropriate antimicrobial treatment.

Don't wait for symptoms to worsen, be proactive and take control of your pet's health with our Ear Swab Examination test.

Our mail-in collection kits include everything you need to collect and ship the sample back to our partner lab.

Order yours today and give your furry companion the gift of a comfortable and healthy ear


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