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Dog - Complete UA & Fecal collection kit

Dog - Complete UA & Fecal collection kit

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Introducing the Complete UA & Fecal Collection Kit for Dogs: Your At-Home Solution for Comprehensive Canine Health Monitoring

Monitoring your dog's health has never been more straightforward, thanks to our Complete UA & Fecal Collection Kit for Dogs. This all-in-one kit allows you to collect both urine and fecal samples from the comfort of your home, avoiding the stress of a vet visit while staying proactive about potential health concerns. Plus, we ship our collection kits throughout the United States for your convenience.

What's Inside the Kit?

  • Sterile Urine Collection Cup: Comes with a tight-fitting lid to ensure the sample remains uncontaminated.
  • Sterile Fecal Collection Container: Also features a secure lid to maintain sample integrity.
  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions: A detailed guide on how to correctly collect and handle the samples.
  • Pre-Paid Shipping Label: Sending your samples to our lab is as simple as sealing the box and dropping it off.

Why Choose Our Complete UA & Fecal Collection Kit for Dogs?

  • Comprehensive Care: By covering both urine and fecal tests, this kit provides a well-rounded snapshot of your dog's health.
  • Early Detection: Spot health concerns before they worsen, allowing for quicker intervention and potentially saving you expensive vet visits down the line.
  • Vet-Recommended: Our laboratory employs state-of-the-art testing methods to analyze your samples, offering accurate results you can trust.

How It Works

  1. Place Your Order: Purchase the Complete UA & Fecal Collection Kit for Dogs online.
  2. Collect Samples: Utilize the sterile containers to gather urine and fecal samples from your dog, following the included instructions.
  3. Send for Analysis: Use the pre-paid shipping label to send the samples to our lab.
  4. Receive Results: Access your dog's detailed health report, and consult with your vet for any necessary next steps. (Results can take up to 5 business days to be reported.)

Don't leave your dog's health to chance. Order your Complete UA & Fecal Collection Kit for Dogs today and gain proactive control over your canine companion's well-being! 🐾🏠

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