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Urine Cortisol / Creatinine Ratio Urine Test For Cats

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Introducing the Adrenal Function Test Kit for Cats from Affordable Pet Labs: Your Go-To Solution for At-Home Early Detection of Cushing's Disease in Cats. This innovative kit is specifically tailored for cat owners looking to monitor their feline's health for signs of Cushing's disease from the comfort and stress-free environment of their own home.

Why Opt for the Adrenal Function Test Kit for Cats?

  • Nationwide Shipping: Available across the United States, ensuring every cat owner has access to essential health monitoring tools.

  • Designed for Ease: Requires just one morning urine sample from your cat, minimizing stress for both you and your feline friend.

  • Trusted Accuracy: We analyze the cortisol/creatinine ratio in your cat's urine, a proven indicator for Cushing's disease, using advanced diagnostic methods endorsed by veterinarians.

  • Prompt Results: With our pre-paid shipping label, your sample is quickly analyzed, and results are delivered within 5 business days, allowing for swift action and consultation with your vet.

Simple Steps for Peace of Mind:

  1. Purchase the Kit: Order the Urine Cortisol Function Test kit online, designed specifically for cats.
  2. Collect the Sample: Follow our simple instructions to collect a morning urine sample from your cat.
  3. Mail the Sample: Send it back to our referral lab using the pre-paid label for analysis.
  4. Receive and Review: Get accurate results quickly, ready to discuss with your veterinarian for any necessary steps.

Kit Advantages for Your Cat:

  • Early Detection: Early identification of Cushing's disease can lead to better management and an improved quality of life for your cat.
  • Stress-Free: Eliminate the anxiety associated with vet visits by using this at-home test.
  • Cost Savings: Our kit is priced to be more affordable than in-clinic testing, saving you up to 37% on diagnostic costs.

Proactive Health Management:

Cushing's disease in cats, if undetected, can lead to significant health issues. By choosing the Adrenal Function Test Kit for Cats, you're taking an important step towards proactive health care. This test provides a convenient, accurate, and cost-effective way to monitor your cat's well-being, offering peace of mind and facilitating early intervention if needed.

Ensure your cat's health and happiness with the Adrenal Function Test Kit. Visit Affordable Pet Labs today to secure your kit and make the most of every moment with your cherished feline companion.