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Allergy Tracker - Blood Sample for Environmental and Food Allergens-Cat

Allergy Tracker - Blood Sample for Environmental and Food Allergens-Cat

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Affordable Pet Labs is excited to announce our partnership with Nextmune, bringing in-home Blood Allergy Collections and results to our clients.

Our team of veterinary technicians is trained to provide convenient and stress-free collections in the comfort of your pet's home. We offer the SPOT Platinum+ Serum Test, the latest technology in IgE serum testing, which uses three proprietary monoclonal antibodies for the highest level of specificity and sensitivity. This test includes allergens such as weeds, trees, grasses, epidermals, foods, mites, molds, staph, insects, and indoor allergens. If your pet is showing signs of allergies such as redness, superficial scratch wounds, discoloration of fur, and hair loss, our test can help identify the cause and provide relief for your furry friend.

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