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Special eBooks written by our veterinarians for all of our Pet Parents for free.

Do you have questions about Valley Fever ?

One of our most popular diagnostic tests for our Southwest pet parents is to diagnose or monitor for valley fever. Our team has compiled the most common questions you have asked and our veterinarians have answered them in our newest eBook for your lesiure reading.

What Your Pets Poop is Tellilng You!

Do you Know what your pets poop is telling you?

Do you know what normal poop is?

Should it be Soft or Hard?

This is your source for all you need to know about poop. Download it today for free to learn more.

Do you know the 10 tests that could save your pet's life and uncover hidden disease?

Every caring pet parent wants the same thing: to give their dog or cat the best possible life.

This means providing a nurturing home, nutritious diet, regular veterinary care, and lots of snuggles.

Unfortunately, many pet parents don't know if their pet is hiding disease or illness. It can be nearly impossible to recognize kidney, liver, or thyroid disease, diabetes, blood and intestinal parasites, and even cancer until too late.

Fortunately, there are simple lab tests that can uncover hidden diseases early and help you keep your dog or cat healthy.

That's why we wrote a special book for caring pet parents like you: "10 Lab Tests Every Pet Needs."

We'd like to offer it for free to help you be the best pet parent possible.

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I have used this service three or four times now and each experience was wonderful. The vet techs are also very friendly and compassionate and they obviously that they love animals.
I would recommend this service to anyone."
— Michael C.
"It was easy to schedule and the two vet techs who came out were right on time, friendly (my dog really liked them), and quick. The results were emailed in the timeframe promised.
I will use them again!"
— Sarah L.
"A very much needed service.
They provide all the tests and bloodwork needed at a
fraction of the cost."
— Alesia
"What a great experience! We were able to go to the vet with our lab results in hand, and we even had an idea upfront as to what was wrong with our cat. Plus, I’m sure we saved at least $100 over having this done through the vet.
Thank you for excellent service!"
— Laura B.