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Diabetes Tracker - Dog

Diabetes Tracker - Dog

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Say goodbye to the stress and expense of monitoring your Dog's diabetes.

Our Diabetes Tracker test panel, designed by veterinarians, makes it easy to track your canine's blood sugar levels.

Our convenient and affordable tests, including the Fructosamine Diabetes Tracker OR the 90-day a1C Diabetes Tracker, provide a precise assessment of your pet's glycemic control.

Don't wait, take control of your Dog's diabetes with our veterinarian-trusted lab tests today.

Health information is power, empower your pet's health with our Diabetes Tracker test panel."

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Fructosamine Diabetes Tracker
Fructosamine is a test that measures your dog's approximate blood glucose values the previous 14 to 21 days. This is currently the most widely used and accepted clinical blood glucose monitoring test. Most diabetic cats and dogs should have their fructosamine levels performed every one to two months to ensure proper insulin dosage and glycemic control.  

90-day Diabetes Treatment Tracker - a1C
This test provides you with an assessment of your dog's glucose control for the past 110 days. For most diabetic pets, testing a1C every 3 months is another way to know if the insulin dosage is appropriate and if blood glucose is remaining safe. Ask your veterinarian if a1C testing is appropriate for your dog's diabetic monitoring. 

This test is also an excellent early detection panel for dogs genetically predisposed to diabetes such as Australian Terriers, Beagles, Samoyeds, and Keeshonds.

Health information is health power.


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