In Home Dog Vaccine Titer Test

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In Home Dog Vaccine Titer Test 

Does your dog need booster vaccines?

Many pet parents wonder if their pet needs to be revaccinated. To answer this question, you had to take your dog to the vet, have blood tests taken, and wait to see if you needed to return for vaccines. It was such a hassle most dog parents opted for the easier option of blindly boosting vaccines, regardless of whether their dog needed them or not. 

Find out if your dog needs a booster vaccine from home.

Studies have shown dogs may have years of protection from vaccines, but the blood tests to find out if your dog needed revaccination were inconvenient and stressful. That's why we come to your home to help you and your veterinarian determine if your dog needs booster vaccines.  

Same veterinarian-trusted lab tests.

Select your dog's vaccine titer tests above: 

Our Basic Canine Vaccine Titer panel includes:

    • Canine Parvovirus 
    • Canine Distemper Virus
    • Canine Adenovirus

Our Total Canine Vaccine Titer plus Lepto panel includes:

    • Canine Parvovirus 
    • Canine Distemper Virus
    • Canine Adenovirus
    • Canine Leptospirosis (6 serovars)
      • Pomona
      • Grippotyphosa
      • Hardjo
      • Canicola
      • Icterohemorrhagiae
      • Bratislava

These tests typically take 7 to 12 working days to complete. 

We also provide your veterinarian with assistance from Michigan State University's Veterinary Diagnostic Lab to determine if your dog’s test levels indicate to vaccinate or not. 

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