Breeding Tracker - In-Home 4 Progesterone Tests Bundle

$444.00 $539.00

Test your dog’s optimal breeding time at home. 

We visit you and your pet to collect the samples.

Determining your dog’s optimal breeding time has always been a hassle: trips to the vet, expensive tests, inconclusive results, repeat. We’re here to change that.

If you need four consecutive breeding tests or a have multiple dogs, this is your best value.

We provide blood progesterone testing in the comfort of your home. Progesterone levels are used to: 

  • Plan the best time for mating
  • Determining the time of whelping
  • Identifying causes of infertility such as anovular cycles and silent heats with normal ovulation
  • Assessing whether your dog has sufficient progesterone levels to maintain a healthy pregnancy
  • Chemiluminescence testing methodology
  • Test results typically within 24 hours after appointment

Same veterinarian-trusted lab tests.

The type of progesterone test you use is important when making breeding decisions for your dog. Our laboratory provides you and your veterinarian with quantitative progesterone concentrations by chemiluminescence, not ELISA, to better calculate ideal breeding times. 

Health information is health power.