Basic Health Assessment - Cat

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A great place to start understanding your cat’s health.

Your cat will have some of the most common adult and senior blood and fecal screening tests to identify hidden diseases and determine its current health status: liver, kidneys, and more along with basic tests on red and white blood cells, and a FREE intestinal parasite exam if you collect and provide at the time of your appointment!

Compare with your vet's annual feline blood tests, senior wellness panels, and more (see below for details). 

Same veterinarian-trusted lab tests.

Your cat's best health begins by understanding how its body is working. Our Basic Health Assessment is our most affordable disease detection and organ analysis panel.

  • Blood chemistries
    • Kidney function (BUN, Creatinine)
    • Liver function (ALP, ALT, AST)
    • Blood sugar (Glucose)
    • Electrolytes and Fluid Balance (Sodium, Potassium, Carbon Dioxide, Chloride, Anion Gap, Carbon Dioxide)
    • Proteins (Albumin, Globulin, Total Protein)

  • CBC (Complete Blood Cell Count)
    • Hemogram (RBC, Hematocrit, Hemoglobin, RBC morphology)
    • White Blood Cells (WBC % and Counts, Neutrophils, Lymphocytes, Monocytes, Eosinophils, Basophils)
    • Platelets, Reticulocytes

  • Intestinal Parasite Exam (Fecal tests) - FREE if you collect and provide at the time of your appointment. All we need is a grape-sized sample in a plastic bag or other sealed container!

Results typically within 48 hours.


While our test panel may be more comprehensive than most veterinary clinics offer, you may compare our Basic Health Assessment with:

    • CBC with Chemistries, CBC/Chem 10, 14, 16
    • Complete or Comprehensive Blood Panel
    • Senior or Geriatric Panel
    • Wellness Testing


    Add a Complete Urinalysis (UA) for only $30!

    Adding a complete urine test panel to any in-home blood testing visit will provide the most comprehensive assessment of kidney and bladder health. When we visit your kitty, we'll leave a collection kit with everything you need. Simply replace your kitty’s litter with our special granules, pour the urine in the provided vial, and mail the package back within 7 days! 

    Basic Health Assessment Feline Urinalysis includes: 
    • Urine specific gravity (USpG)
    • Urine pH  
    • Bilirubin
    • Urobilinogen
    • Protein
    • Glucose
    • Ketones
    • Blood (Hemoglobin) and Myoglobin
    • Microscopic Exam (red and white blood cells, bacteria, crystals, casts, and more)

    Discover your pet’s potential for a longer, healthier, and happier life.

    Customer Reviews

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    Michael Cecere

    I have used this service three or four times now and each experience was wonderful. The ease of making an appointment and the timeliness of the vet techs showing up is much better than making an appointment at the veterinarian. Also, it is much less expensive. It's especially convenient if you live a long way from the nearest veterinarian. The vet techs are also very friendly and compassionate and they obviously that they love animals. I would recommend this service to anyone.

    Laura Basey

    What a great experience! We were able to go to the vet with our lab results in hand, and we even had an idea upfront as to what was wrong with our cat. What a surprise, we thought he had kidney failure and it was a hyper active thyroid! Plus, I’m sure we saved at least $100 over having this done through the vet. What a great idea! Thank you for excellent service!


    Affordable Pet Labs is Veterinarian Owned.

    All of our tests are performed in a licensed veterinary reference lab (perhaps one of the labs your regular veterinarian uses!).

    Its Super Simple

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    Its Super Simple

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