Just in Time for the Holiday Season Announcements:

Just in Time for the Holiday Season Announcements:

Affordable Pet Labs Affordable Pet Labs
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Two BIG Announcements From Affordable Pet Labs:

1st Announcement:

NEW Telemedicine Partner

We’re proud to introduce you to our friends over at FirstVet who can
For a limited time, FirstVet is offering a single complimentary
 consult where you can connect via video with a licensed veterinarian
 to: Discuss lab results
 Ask pertinent questions regarding the next steps in care
 Ask any preventive / wellness questions you may have related to
 nutrition, behavior, or acute illnesses Register for your FREE consult at firstvet.com/us and use the code
 AFFORDABLEPETLABS at checkout to redeem your FREE consult.As always, if
 you have any questions, our team is here to help, 800.209.0158.

2nd Announcement: 

Affordable Pet Labs has been hearing from multiple pet parents that there is a need this holiday season for:

Share the perfect gift for all pet parents this holiday season with Affordable Pet Labs Gift Cards.  These cards do not have an expiration date and can be used on any diagnostic tests.  Click here to access Gift cards

Who is Affordable Pet Labs: 


Affordable Pet Labs

We make pet diagnostic testing accessible and affordable for all pet parents. Through our tech-enabled platform, we offer in-home and mail-in lab testing that empowers pet parents to be part of the healthcare solution. Our data-driven foundation allows for better decision-making by veterinarians. building a proactive approach for early disease detection.

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